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LeRoy Avington, Getting Where He Needs to Be

It used to take Youth Moving On (YMO) resident LeRoy Avington five hours to commute round trip from his home in Pasadena to his minimum-wage job as a security guard in Pomona using public transit. Casswell Goodman, YMO’s job development specialist, sprung into action to create a better work situation for LeRoy.   He and other staff members arranged for Hillsides to pay Leroy to go to driving school and get a driver’s license.  LeRoy had saved enough money to buy a used car, and began driving to his job, shaving hours off his commute.

Next, Casswell helped LeRoy reach his goal of getting a higher paid job as a cadet (security guard) at Pasadena City College, where LeRoy was a student. Casswell also helped him get a second part-time job at the Santa Anita mall as a security guard.  Both jobs are near his house and will help LeRoy meet his future career goal of getting a job in law enforcement.   “I have gotten endless support from Cass and the entire staff,” said LeRoy.  “They helped me figure out what I needed to do to get where I want to in life.” To learn more about YMO, please visit www.youthmovingon.org.  

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